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Forsøk på å beskrive det ugjennomtrengelige: Roman

Forsøk på å beskrive det ugjennomtrengelige: Roman - Dag Solstad Let's imagine a brand new town which has been drawn, planned, built. This brand new town is connected to the dynamic capitol city by public transports and large roads. Here there are nice parks, big squares, pedestrian paths where people are supposed to walk, meet each other, talk.
But it doesn't happens. The young inhabitants don't have any intention to socialize. Why they don't? Lack of interests? Fear? Apathy?

Is it possible that this self declared 'enlighted public architecture' has failed, becoming just a comfortable box of selfish and individual family lives?

An original point of view on the rise and fall of an idea in an 80s utopian suburb in the rich, calm and bored Norway.

PS: For those who are not familiar with the exotic Norwegian bokmaal, the long title of this novel means
"An attempt to describe the impenetrable"