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Long John Silver

Long John Silver - Björn Larsson For mysterious reasons, I have always postponed the moment in which I would have put my eyes on this book.
Then my good friend Mena, who is also my favourite bookpusher, read the novel and gently nudged me to fill my gap.

I have bought a second-hand English edition of this book so that my daily language can be pleasantly affected by the splendor of the sailor's slang.
This is a novel that stands in a class of its own. I wonder how it sounds like in Swedish. And in my mother tongue, Italian, of course.

In a manner of speakin', I am learnin' a whole lotta things.

Ay, if I'm not doin' it!
The likes of me are payin' their debt with the likes of Long John Silver and those messmates of him.

Ain't true that I'm becomin' more and more at ease with the privateers' jargon? Mebbe.
That wild bunch of scoundrels taught me how to use in a proper way terms like kneelhauling and round robin and John Silver himself show'd me how to arrange a decent barbecue on the bloody beach.
Me, meself didn't know that the life and perils of a distinguish'd gentleman of fortune could have been that interestin' to read.

Death and resurrection. Shipwrecks and knobsticks. Drinkin' and amputatin'. God and capt'ns. Slaveships and brotherhood. Mr.Defoe and L'Olonnaise. Gallows and foul-mouths. 'tis what you'll find here.
Naught but rum. Ay!