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Kurt Vonnegut - Jailbird

Jailbird - Kurt Vonnegut

Let's face it: this is a minor novel by Vonnegut.
Which means - mind you - that 'Jailbird' is still a good book.

There is a certain melancholic Shawshank Redemption-like feeling here and I've found the pages about Sacco & Vanzetti to be particularly touching and interesting. The weather sympathises.

A sentimental novel imbibed of heavyweight topics such as the Watergate, McCarthysm, civil rights, fight against the corporations and much more.

Any other novelist would have either made a mess out of this lot or took it too seriously (Philip Roth, I'm talking to you). Not so Kurt Vonnegut.

'Jailbird' may have hazy, even blurry outlines but its core is clear and straight. And it's this: disilussion.